Pumpkin carving

If you’ve never carved a pumpkin before and don’t know where to start, use these templates to make a scary pumpkin that will light up your Halloween.

Follow this step-by-step guide to carve a flying bat, a howling werewolf or a scary face into your pumpkin! Just make sure kids are supervised by a grown-up.

Download pumpkin-carving templates

Which type of pumpkin?

Pumpkins with lighter skin usually have softer flesh and are easier to carve. Choose a large pumpkin too, so you have more space for your spooky design. Smaller pumpkins are cute, but need careful carving by an adult.

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How do I carve a pumpkin

Use our handy pumpkin-carving kit, available instore for a limited time, or download our free, easy pumpkin-carving guide for a do-it-yourself version using everyday kitchen equipment. Children will need adult supervision. 

  • Top tip: carefully rinse the inside of your pumpkin with a mild bleach solution to help your pumpkin last longer.
  • Recipe tip: use the leftover pumpkin flesh to whip up something tasty like our curried pumpkin soup, topped with a crème fraîche spider's web!

How do I light my pumpkin lantern? 

Place a tea light in the base of your carved pumpkin and light using a long match. Never leave a naked flame unattended, and cut a small hole in the lid to let the heat and smoke out. You can also use a white or red bicycle light, which won't blow out in the wind!

Download pumpkin carving template

Make a pumpkin cake!

This chocolate pumpkin cake will be a real treat for your guests - you could even trick them into thinking it’s a real pumpkin! You cook the ‘pumpkin’ cake in the microwave, so it’s impressive and easy, too! 

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