Best of British Apples

Junami, Jersey Mac, Ribston Pippin - just a few of the more unusual British-grown apples that we'll be bagging up for you to bite into.

Superbly sweet, pear drop- flavoured with a blend of honey and citrus...

Classic favourites

As Britain's apples ripen through their season we'll bring you 34 unusual varieties. They've earned their place in our apple bag through their deliciously different combinations of taste and texture. Get ready to explore.

Tickle your tastebuds

You've heard of Braeburn and Cox, but how about Delbard Estival? Bred in France in the 1950s, it's been grown in the UK for the last 25 years. Perfect with a traditional ploughman's lunch, with its sweetness contrasting nicely with the sourness of pickle. Or Norfolk Royal Russet - a pear drop-flavoured apple tinged golden russet with a red/gold flush. Then there's Meridian, blushing scarlet-red and offering a crisp, clean, juicy texture. Or you could try the very sweet Bennie Shogun Fuji or the nutty, aromatic Adams Pearmain... And there are 29 more to choose from.

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Did you know...

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    We've added a mesh to the front of our bags, so the apples can breathe and you can appreciate their different aromas.

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    You'll find 50 different varieties of British-grown apples on sale at Sainsbury's over the course of the season.

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    One in four apples in the UK are bought at Sainsbury's, that adds up to nearly 32,000 tonnes of crunchy treats.

From the British farmer to you

We stock 10 British-grown pear varieties, more than any other retailer.

Apples are just one of the many great-tasting British products that we stock in store. From fresh chicken and in-season potatoes on our shelves to the flour in our own-label sliced bread, we're working hard to buy British whenever we can. And with clear, accurate labelling, you can be sure you know exactly where your food has come from.

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