Deli and cheese counter

Learn what makes the perfect cheeseboard, or stock up on speedy starter ideas using Italian antipasti. Make sure you choose your favourites and have a free taste of products at the counter.

Looking for a tangy, hard cheese but aren't sure which one to pick? You can try before you buy at our deli and cheese counters, in selected stores, or watch this video from our cheese specialist, Win Merrells.

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What's available at the counter?

Alongside a huge selection of British and international cheeses and cooked meats, we also have irresistible nibbles, such as speciality olives and Italian antipasti. 

Which cheeses can you cook with?

Some cheeses toughen or curdle when they're heated. But Gruyère, Emmenthal, Taleggio and Camembert all melt beautifully. If you're unsure about heating a cheese, just ask our cheese counter staff for advice.

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Antipasti made easy

Antipasti are quick and impressive starters. Rub ciabatta bread with garlic, pop it under the grill and top with sun-dried tomatoes. Or simply arrange ready-to-eat antipasti on a wooden board with fresh bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

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Did you know...

  • 1

    Antipasti means 'before the meal' and is traditionally the first course of an Italian meal.

  • 2

    Cheese can be made from lots of different types of milk, including cow, buffalo, sheep and goats' milk.

  • 3

    The holes in Swiss cheese are made by gas expanding in the cheese as it ripens.

Deli selection

Our counters stock cooked, cured and smoked meats from around the world. You'll find Italian hams like prosciutto, alongside British favourites, such as our Drury Lane or honey roast ham

To make your deli selection go further, ask our counter staff to slice meat thinly.