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Evening Meal Plan

Based on a family of 4. All items subject to availability. The term JS refers to Sainsbury's standard tier lines. Lines vary in Sainsbury's Locals and Centrals. Online delivery charges apply.


Weekly Plan Terms & Conditions

Ingredients Terms and Conditions

All items subject to availability. Based on a family of 4. All items are Sainsbury's own brand, unless otherwise specified. Lines vary in Sainsbury's Locals, Centrals, and online. Online delivery charges apply.

Meal Plan Terms and Conditions

These meal plans have been devised to provide at least 75% of calorie requirements based on the Guideline Daily Amount* (GDA) for an average woman consuming 2000 kcal/day, and at least 85% of key vitamins and minerals based on the Reference Nutrient Intakes** (RNIs) for adults. The remainder should be provided by healthy desserts, snacks and drinks including low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables and cereal-based high-fibre snacks.

Where processed meats are used in our recipes, children should be given small portions only because of their salt and fat content. The meal plans as written have not been designed to meet the nutritional requirements of children under 4 years old. For nutritionally balanced recipe ideas for younger children and advice on portion sizes see http://www.sainsburys.co.uk/littleones.

Each meal plan has been nutritionally analysed to ensure that the plan provides on average at least 75% of calorie requirements based on the Guideline Daily Amount* (GDA) for an average woman consuming 2000 kcal/day.

Each meal plan provides at least 85% of several key vitamins and minerals based on the Reference Nutrient Intakes** (RNIs) for adults. The meal plans provide a balance of food from the 4 main food groups as recommended by the Department of Health's eatwell plate model, as well as a minimum of 4 portions of fruit or vegetables each day.

Regular physical activity is advised along with a healthy varied diet to maintain a healthy weight.

*Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs) were developed by the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD). They are intended to be a guide as to how much of certain nutrients you should eat each day, personal requirements will vary.

** The Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI) is the amount of a nutrient that is enough to ensure that the needs of nearly all of those in a population group are being met. By definition, many within the group will need less.

Tu clothing

Tu clothing range

The clothing featured on the Sainsbury's Tu clothing website and the blog is a representative of the range that Sainsbury's holds. The featured range online is not the entire collection of clothing that are featured instores.

Tu clothing available in selected stores, subject to availability and ranges vary depending on location, while stocks last and some items are available in some stores. Some items featured online may not be instore the same day the seasonal collection is launched. Some products will be introduced throughout the season.Why not call the store ahead of your visit to check if what you want is in stock?

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Tu clothing sales

From time to time there are clothing sales instore at Sainsbury's.

Products are subject to availability, while stocks last, selected larger stores only.
Sale is not available in Centrals and Locals.

Check instore for sale end date.

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